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  • Are you concerned about making your environment as healthy as possible for you and your children?
  • Do you or your children suffer from allergies, asthma, multiple chemical sensitivities? (MCS), fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), food intolerances, and more?
  • Have you gone from doctor to doctor in search of relief? Have doctors (and others) told you that your problems are “all in your head?”
  • Are you tired of spending hours and hours on the Internet looking for needed information?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Human Ecology Action League, Inc. (HEAL) may be just the organization you’ve been looking for.


HEAL is one of the oldest organizations in the world concerned about the health effects of environmental exposures. (HEAL®) is your source for information about your environment and health. HEAL® is a registered Service Mark of the Human Ecology Action League, Inc. (HEAL®).

The Human Ecology Action League, Inc. (HEAL®) was founded in 1977 by citizens concerned about the health effects of environmental exposure. This distinguished group of volunteers-including physicians, writers, and other professionals-laid the groundwork for the organization as it now exists.

HEAL is a national nonprofit education and information organization. It is primarily a member service organization. It is overseen by a volunteer Governing Board, and has its business office in Stockbridge, Georgia. HEAL is solely funded by memberships and by donations. Over $0.85 of every dollar HEAL receives goes directly into providing member services.


HEAL's Purpose and Goals:

  • HEAL's purpose is to serve those whose health has been adversely affected by environmental exposures, to provide information to those concerned about the health effects of chemicals, and to alert the general public about the potential dangers of chemicals.
  • HEAL's goals are to encourage healthy lifestyles that minimize potentially hazardous environmental exposures, and to establish chapters that implement HEAL's purpose at the local level.


HEAL provides a variety of services for you:

  • The Human Ecologist, the flagship publication of tUtne Spring 2008he Human Ecology Action League, Inc. (HEAL), published quarterly.
  • Brochures/flyers explaining chemical sensitivities - available in quantity.
  • HEAL’s Service List (information, resources, reading list, directories, “Fragrance and Health”, etc. that can be ordered)
  • HEAL Chapters and Regional Support Service Proje ct (RSS) -  a network of Volunteers who provide information and support at the local level; Leadership guidance for HEAL Chapters and Regional Phone Volunteers











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