The Spring 2010 issue is all about living with MCS!

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Not one, but two important articles about fragrance and health!

Read all about the “We Share the Air” policy at the premier US public health agency, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention! This agency-wide Indoor Environmental Quality Policy was issued in June 2009. It prohibits use of scented or fragrance products “at all times in all interior space owned, rented , or leased by CDC,” according to the Spring 2010 issue. Protecting the health of people with “asthma, migraines, allergies or chemical sensitivities” is given as the reason for the policy. The article covers details of this comprehensive policy, which applies not only to CDC facilities, but also to CDC employees.

Fragrance and health researchers Stanley M. Caress and Anne C. Steinemann are back, together with Amy L. Davis. They report on their research showing that over 30 percent of the U.S. population objects to fragrances used by others. This article is must-read for everyone who is concerned about this problem.

 A teacher fights for a healthy workplace — and wins!

Read the wonderful account of how one teacher battled for nearly 20 years against poor ventilation, moldy conditions, and indoor chemicals in her workplace — and ultimately got her employer — a community college — to sign a legal agreement to fix/renovate 12 buildings on the campus. Despite numerous health problems, she was able to keep her job, finally retiring and founding a HEAL chapter in her city.

How to choose a specialist doctor

Everyone will eventually get referred to a specialist for diagnosis or treatment. How can you choose the right one? This first person account of how one person did it — and got a good result — is designed to help you select the right doctor for you. It shows how to evaluate a specialist in one office visit (followed by some careful research). Resource list included.

Plus…Find out what works to clean mold from wallboard…get the latest on preventing in-hospital infections…learn how least toxic pest control whips tough urban pests…read reviews of two must-read books, one on food-borne illnesses, and the other on how Congress really works…plus news about HEAL’s efforts on behalf of teacher respiratory health, a special section on news about electromagnetic fields and health, an important finding in chronic fatigue syndrome research — and more!