Governing Board

HEAL Activities

From HEAL’s grassroots beginnings and its formation as a national organization in 1977, today HEAL has evolved into a respected organization, with members in all 50 states and more than a dozen other countries around the world.

Each year HEAL improves its services by providing more and better information about major issues in environment and health. Our concerns about the environment and health have been brought to the attention of healthcare providers across the country.

Many reporters contact HEAL yearly, from both print and electronic media. HEAL was featured several times on hour-long radio talk shows in both the US and Canada. We were interviewed by several international publications, in addition to our well-established contacts with the US media. Environmental Health Perspectives, a leading scientific journal, printed a letter from HEAL about HEAL's purpose, and about HEAL publications of interest to researchers.

On the local level, HEAL was pleased to note that this year, several of our chapters are celebrating over a decade of service. HEAL chapters and their hardworking volunteers play a tremendously important role, providing one-on-one service to those whose health has been harmed by environmental exposures, in a way that no national organization can do.

We are grateful to our members for their help in meeting the challenges of this past year: None of HEAL's accomplishments would be possible without their loyal support. Now HEAL's 30th year and its new challenges are nearly upon us. We look forward to building on the progress made, not just in this past year, but in all of HEAL's past years. We are confident that, with our members' support, we will continue to be a leader in providing information and education on environment and health, both to our valued members, and to an ever-widening, increasingly aware public.

When we look back at three decades of HEAL's history, every year has brought different challenges and new achievements. Yet throughout its history, HEAL has retained its original focus on providing information about environment and health to those whose health has been affected by environmental exposure, to those who have environment-related health concerns, and to the general public. Over the years we have been in contact with different agency providing education and our concerns.