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  • #131 Internet Sources
  • #131 Rita P. Osborn Honored
  • #130... Appeal for new board members.
  • #127... News of the landmark Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) policy that in effect mandates a fragrance-free workplace for CDC employees. 
  • #126 ... Perspective: Epidemic of multiple chemical sensitivity, " A disease caused by toxic chemical exposure, Professor Martin L. Pall of Washington State University.
  • #125 … From HEAL’s Board: Good news about research on teacher respiratory health; Chronic Fatigue Update; CDC goes fragrance free; News Briefs.  Bisphenol A (BPA) buzz; Cell phones, Congress, advocates and the media; FEMA trailers again; Phthalates in IV tubes factor for preemies?; Fragrance sickens 150 people in Texas; A fragrance-free wedding.
  • #124 … Louise Kosta, HEAL’s Chief Writer retires with over 20 years of dedicated service; News Briefs: MCS in the Los Angeles Times; BPA worries investors; Phthalates in drinking water; Drugs in drinking water; Garbage-to-gas in Georgia; Plastics and health; Green buildings; Pandemic flu; Green worship communities — and organic food.
  • #123 … Building journal highlights chemical sensitivity — HEAL responds; HEAL Board speaks up — Airport fragrances; News Briefs: Remember FEMA trailers?; BPA and food containers; Drugs in drinking water; Fragrance and Health.
  • #122 … Update: Nurse respiratory health; News Brief: Chemicals can affect your health; Bisphenol-A and baby bottles.
  • #121 … Nurse and teacher respiratory health update; Vilma Kinney receives Carleton Lee Award; Making sure leafy greens and other produce stay safe.
  • #120 … Etiquette-Based Medicine
  • #119 … HEAL and Gulf War Veterans; News Briefs: Drug residues in water. 
  • #118 … From HEAL’s Governing Board: Environmental Illness and nightline; Update: Nurses and workplace health.
  • #117 … NRDC ‘discovers’ air freshener hazard.
  • #116 … Remembering Virginia Carlson — June 29, 2007 – Two-term President of HEAL’s Governing Board … she will be missed. 
  • #115 … Mainstream allergist: Sensitivity to chemical irritants is ‘a real phenomenon’; HEAL Activities: HEAL’s comment and report on nurse and teacher respiratory health now available.  
  • #114 … In the news: Taking on fragrance promotion in The New York Times.