HEAL’s Service List - 2013

Thank you for your concerns, and interest about how environmental exposures can effect health. HEAL is a non-profit organization with extensive information services that are mostly prepared by volunteers who are also concerned about environmental health issues. HEAL’s resources are limited and we do not include consultation services regarding topics in our publications. There is no single part of the country that has everything MCS/EI people needs. The sources suggest that you send a postcard to as many of these sources as possible so you can receive a goodly number of catalogs, etc. from which to select your items.

The production and distribution of these informative materials requires a great deal of money. Since postage, stationery, copier supplies and our staff’s time really add up, we have to charge a small fee for each item. Those who join and become members of HEAL get a substantial price-break on these charges … about half the cost of the non-member price, and four issues – one each quarter – of HEAL’s flagship publication, The Human Ecologist.

Join HEAL today and become the newest member of one of the oldest organizations of its kind in the world. Although HEAL is a national organization, we’ve always kept our focus on people just like you, with problems just like yours. Let HEAL become your organization — join today! Purchase a membership in HEAL for USA $28 (low-income $20); Canada $34; other foreign $40 - (U.S. funds only, please)

The list describes information that is currently available (see the article index for back issues that are available). Complete name and address form, please indicate which items you would like, how may, and total your order. Return the list with a check, money order or credit card information for the appropriate amount payable to HEAL, and a replacement list will be included with your order.

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