News Briefs

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News items relating to topics The Human Ecologist regularly covers.

  • #133... Not getting the lead out; An apple a day may help keep strokes away; Dry cleaning solvent lingers; Environmental illness in The Wall Street Journal; Food companies take initiative on E. Coli.
  • #132... Honey Bees Monitor Airport Pollution; Mold increases Asthma risk for Babies; Chemical in Teflon linked to arthritis; Chemicals may be altering breast development; Hot coffee, tea fight nose bacteria; Antibiotic-resistant Salmonella spreading; A better Salmon or 'Frankenfish'?; Better labeling likely for saltwater-enhanced products; Birth defects linked to smoking; Giant Hogweed attacks New York.
  • #131... Eat fresh food to lower your BPA level; Pesticide poisoning; Ground meat and poultry safety; Flame retardant found in butter.
  • #130... Fracking and earthquakes; Fragrance proliferation; Genetically engineered alfalfa; Drinking water; Organic food inspection. 
  • #129... CFS and viral link; Stroke risk factors; Muscle tone and GERD; A new ‘high’ in scented mail; Agent Orange and veteran health.
  • #128... Gulf oil spill voices; FDA sued over triclosan; Fragrance; Dr. Oz acknowledges MCS; President's Cancer Panel report update; Lead in drinking water; Pesticides and ADHD; Cleaning products and health-care workers; Vitamin D and falls; Saving bee colonies. 
  • #127... Detroit adopts fragrance policy after lawsuit; Pesticides linked to Children's ADHD; GE crops increasing pesticide usage; Autism and the environment; Electrical sensitivity in the news; Cell phones and health; Biofuels vs fossil fuels; Veterans and health.
  • #126... Ingredients in household cleaners; Fragrance and health; Nationwide clinical trial of Vitamin D; Drugs in drinking water; FDA and BPA; Green worship; Labeling formaldehyde a 'known carcinogen'.
  • #125... Bisphenol A (BPA) buzz; Cell phones, Congress, advocates, and the media; FEMA trailers again; Phthalates in IV tubes a risk factor for preemies?; Fragrance sickens 150 people in Texas; A fragrance-free wedding.
  • #124... MCS in the Los Angeles Times; BPA worries investors; Phthalates in drinking water; Drugs in drinking water; Garbage-to-gas in Georgia; Plastics and health; Green buildings; Pandemic flu.
  • #123... Remember FEMA trailers?; BPA and food containers; Drugs in drinking water; Fragrance and health.
  • Chemical Exposures
  • #129... Mold neurotoxins can damage nerve cells; Chemical exposure and sleep problems; Pesticide exposure may trigger melanoma;