Policy Watch

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#129... "Cleaning products and health; Genetically modified crop found in the wild. #128... FDA and conflict of interest. #126 ... Chemicals in U.S. residents; Public health and preparedness; Lobbyists to leave federal agency advisory panels. #124 … Drugs in drinking water. #123 … EPA (finally) makes the first move on global warming; Toxic release inventory update; Outdoor ozone pollution and death; ‘New’ role for science in federal policy. #122 … Preventing healthcare-related infections; Trends: Congress and lobbyists; Upgrading risk assessment. #121 … Unlawful ‘clean air’ rules; Health effects of 9/11. #120 … They’re back – FEMA trailers; Human health and state pest control; Toxic turf update. #119... 'Stunning incompetence' at EPA; Particulate pollution and global warming; EPA stalls on global warming. #118... Global warming and public perception; Disaster preparedness — California's report card; Latex glove ban. #117... Global warming news — CDC testimony; Global warming news — Reports on warming impacts; Access to OSHA exposure data; Turnarounds: Industry seeks federal health, safety and environmental regulation; Voluntary chemical testing program. #116... Influence watch: EPA and industry-sponsored travel;Shifting positions on global warming — the U.S. and the 2007 G8 agreement; Profit margins versus safety margins; Toxics at work: nuclear weapons workers are still waiting for compensation. #115... Supreme Court rules on power-plant pollutant production; Los Alamos employees plead for Congressional investigation; Toxics from coal ash pose cancer risk. #114… Illegal contract at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Business and Congress, Business as usual; FDA commissioner pleads guilty. #113… DC District Court reprimands EPA for Clean Air Act delays; FDA fails to act on violation reports; Brain drain, funding cuts create low morale at CDC. #112… Heroes of 9-11 — what they breathed; Unprepared — especial for disabled people; Shareholders pressure corporations to cut toxics in consumer products. #111… Air toxics health risk assessment report; Influence watch: politics and science; Clean drinking water; Influence watch: World Health Organization (WHO) bar U.S. industry-supported organization. #110… Citizen lawsuit about EPA actions after the 9-11 attacks can go forward; Influence watch: Long-time MCS ‘debunker’ caught in pundit payola scandal; Influence watch: Campaign funds boost governor’s staff pay; Lead in drinking water; California county fights LA’s sludge; Rural ‘clean’ air; Global warming — an unacceptable financial risk. #109… New federal disaster plan not implemented in Katrina response; Former defender against OSHA nominated to head OSHA. #108… Report: U.S. pollution sickens Canadians; Clean Air — Refineries agree to pollution reduction; White house taps corporate defender to head EPA enforcement. #107… Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR); Perchlorate update; Exposures and health — cancer: State initiatives — Governors protest federal clean air overrides. #106 … Fine particle air pollution; State initiatives: greenhouse gas reduction; State initiatives: New York State power plants agree to cut emissions; Clean air enforcement: delays I petroleum refinery pollution reduction. #105… Critique of the Toxic Release Inventory; Lobbyists and nutrition; IARC: Formaldehyde is a carcinogen. #104... Petroleum refineries: EPA Inspector General releases negative report; EPA and intensive livestock farm pollution; U.S. pollution standards. #103... Children with disabilities and standardized education tests;Regulating chemicals for health in the European Union; New rules for ozone air pollution; Compensating sick nuclear weapons workers; New from EPA: the Interstate Air Quality Rule. #102... Food safety: Mad cow disease; Waxman report on science in the Bush Administration; Patient safety organizations; Medical error reports and public access; Pre-market new home inspections; IAQ for renters; Relocation resource: State health profiles; Health insurance resources on the Web. #101... Food industry influence on nutrition advice, science and policy: Marion Nestle; Manipulation of Scientific Research: Lisa A. Bero; Manufacturing "uncertainty": David Michaels. #100... Pediatricians call for more research on plasticizers; Dioxin: revised VietNam War exposure estimates; Sarin Exposure: another revised estimate for Gulf War I vets; European Union investigation of endocrine-disrupting chemicals. #99... Increased susceptibility to neurotoxic exposure; Embracing the "precautionary principle"; NIOSH0funded research and workplace injury prevention; Superfund: Who pays to clean up toxics?. #98... National initiative to educate physicians about pesticides; Community toxics information; New Jersey passes school IPM law; Scientists can be sloppy reporters. #97... 9-11 health effects: World Trade Center Registry; CDC guidance on asthma and schools; New name for irradiated food?; Disability insurance controversy; Controversy over lead exposure effects. #96... Clean air: the numbers game; Gulf War veterans' illnesses: the numbers game; Organophosphate pesticide assessment nears completion; Disabilities in the workplace. #95... Progress in prevention: Antibiotic resistance; Federal initiative to track links between environment and health. #93... For this issue of The Human Ecologist we changed the format of Policy Watch, prompted by the events of September 11, 2001, and their impact. In this issue "Policy Watch" is aimed at helping readers cope with emergencies, regardless of their cause. #91... FDA moves to regulate antibioticsin meat production; Hidden allergens in food. #90... Particulate air pollution reduction; Reclassification of a dioxin; Environmental Justice.