Write for The Human Ecologist

The Human Ecologist welcomes articles, photos, illustrations, and news items related to chemical sensitivities and related disorders. Our subject matter in our magazine, The Human Ecologist is environment and health, with an emphasis on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  Conditions such as allergy, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, electrical sensitivity, and Gulf War veterans’ illnesses are also of interest, as are other conditions with actual or potential links to environmental exposures.  The Human Ecologist doesn’t promote or endorse treatments, products, services or other commercial endeavors nor does it engage in political activities or provide publicity for individuals or for organizations other than HEAL.  The emphasis in the magazine is on service to readers ― education and information that is helpful to HEAL members and other readers. 

There are particular things the editorial committee wants in the magazine, in order to make it the great publication that is expected from The Human Ecologist.  But the actual work of writing really isn’t very difficult.  You could start “small” writing short items for the Home Health, Child Health, Pest Control Update, Dental Notes or Policy Watch columns.  (Let us know your interests, and well provide the source material ― all you have to do is write it up).  Or you could review a book, online document, video, or other publication for the magazine ― contact us with suggestions or with your area of interest. 

If you’re ambitious and have the time and resources (including energy!), you could write articles ― we publish everything from short departments (300-1000 words), to full-length features (2500 words max, usually).  Contact us with your article ideas, or let us know your areas of interest and experience.  We publish all kinds of articles, from research-based articles to first person “how-to” and other experience-based articles with practical information for our readers.  Useful articles that can be published under the “Living with MCS” heading are always welcome, particularly those that include resource lists.  We can provide guidance and source suggestions to help get you started.
Manuscripts are received with the understanding that they have not been published elsewhere, in any format, and are not currently being considered by other publications outlets. All manuscripts are subject to editing for clarity and readability.  Manuscripts may be submitted either in hard copy, or on disk (please state the type of software and computer used) or in electronic format (preferred.  Do not send attached files without prior permission.  Format manuscripts as double-spaced documents with one inch margins.  We ask that you submit two copies of hard copy manuscripts (be sure to keep a copy for your own records). Submitted materials will be returned only if stamped, self-addressed envelopes are provided.  The author is responsible for the accuracy of all facts, dates, page numbers, titles, and quotations. The author’s name and page numbers should appear at the top right corner of each sheet. Photos should be black-and-white glossy prints.

Send to: HEAL P.O. Box 509, Stockbridge, GA  30281